Sidekick Curve

Move Freely without Pain

For those times when your muscles and joints are stretched to their limits - the Curve is by your side to alleviate the pain. It’s rounded edge is designed to break up the scar tissue and adhesions beneath your skin, allowing your muscles to breathe and the blood to flow again.

Feel lighter and looser in as little as 3 minutes.

Ergonomically Designed

The Curve is based off of an ancient Chinese technique. Although it has a rich history of success, there has been little development in their tools since it was popularized in Asia 2000 years ago.

Crafted with Stone

Each piece is hand polished and crafted with Bian stone. Selected for it's high density and healing properties, the Curve's heavier weight means it can be applied with little effort as the weighted instrument naturally asserts pressure.


Each curvature is designed to provide complete contact with the skin regardless of the body part. There are 5 curvatures that can be used:

100% Natural Balm

Each purchase includes our proprietary balm formula produced using all natural ingredients.

The balm is designed to lubricate and warm the muscles for enhanced recovery.


curve muscle reliever