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Swerve Muscle Scraper
Johnna Powell
The best tool ever

I absolutely LOVE this tool. It helps immensely and digs right down into the painful areas. It's exactly what I've been missing in my recovery regimen.

Absolutely love it!

The weight is great, easy to use really feels good after using it. Very happy to have found this!

Very pleased with instrument quality! I did not receive the toe spacers from inputting the code, but otherwise had no complaints in the process.

Echo Muscle Scraper
Jacqueline Morrette

Wonderful tool just the right size and alleviates ITB issues

Great quality

Toe Spreader
Derek Kraus

We love the toe spreader! It was a recommendation from a running coach to help fix some issues with my feet and since using my toes are no longer over lapping. Win win, did the two pack so my wife could use a pair as well and she’s found alternative uses such as spreading her toes to paint them.

It works really well. I’m very happy I bought it.

Rookie Recovery Bundle
Russell Baetiong
Foot relief

I've been running regularly most days for the past 10 months but my feet have always hurt after. The Sidekick has done a great job to relieve that pain and I feel like I can run further.

Toe Spreader
Wayne Thomas
I've come around...

Ok...at first I thought these things were maybe a little hokey. But thought I'd give them a try. And they're convincing me. Easy to use, actually comfortable, and I really do think I've noticed a difference in my foot/toe health.

Love it!!

About a month ago I developed plantar fasciitis. Which sucks!! I was stressed because I have a big race in only 6 weeks. I saw an add for the swerve and in my desperation ordered. This thing is amazing. I have already experienced so much relief (not just in my foot but other muscle tensions). I'm a believer!!

Pump Gel
Susan Gibbs
I love this gel

You don't need much. It not only helps the scraper do the job, but it makes my skin so soft. I love the way it makes my skin feel It doesn't make it feel greasy, just soft & smooth.

gets me through my training!

I have been dealing with debilitating IT band syndrome. I've done a year of PT, MRIs, plenty of appointments but nothing has really given me results. Sidekick scraper has been wonderful in actually creating some decrease in pain when I run! Give it a try : )

Swerve Muscle Scraper
Marcelina Reyes
Immediate Fix

I did 108 Sun Salutations in a row at a yoga festival for the Summer Solstice, and used a lot of deltoid strength. I was sore and thought I might’ve torn something. I took an epsom salt bath and then scraped my shoulders, and the pain completely dissipated. It’s 100% gone and I am back to using my shoulders at full capacity! I think it’s very effective as a remedy to pain but it works even better as a preventive measure.

Echo Muscle Scraper
Stuart Spivak
Great Scraper!

I really like this scraper compared to the device used by my PT, I have recommended it to the practice. This model has a stronger edge to it, and thickness which is nice. The oil is good too.

Fire & Frost Bundle
Inge Rogers
Love it

Sometimes you need hot and sometimes cold. These work perfectly with my tools. These have been lifesavers for my flare ups with my hip and hamstrings

Freeze Band
Very practical!

These work great! So happy I purchased 2. They provide great cold therapy, but also compression and the sleeve allows for mobility while wearing them so we can multi-task. Great product and will surely be purchasing more for our business.


I really appreciate that they sent a video on how to use it for my particular issue.

Curve Muscle Scraper
Joshua Stromgren
My new favorite shin/achilles relief tool

This has been a game changer for my legs (below my knees).
i've been using this daily since i got it and just feel so much less tight at the beginning of a run in my achilles and shin area.

it has a bit of a learning curve but i really like it so far. it also helps that the customer service team is amazing/responsive

A quality product. Beautifully designed and made.

Freeze Band
Ken Szekretar
Great Product!

This is perfect for icing my knee which recently required surgery for a broken tibia. I have been doing PT and when they ice at the end of the session, it requires uncomfortable ice packs, wraps, and never seems to get the right spots. This is the perfect solution, with a stretch wrap that conforms perfectly to the areas that need icing. It quickly cools down in the freezer, and lasts the perfect amount of time for a 10-20 minute icing session. Easy to get on and off, and is very comfortable. I would highly recommend this for anyone needing to ice their knee or any other body part.

Exceptional quality, rapid shipping.

Plantar Fasciitis Recovery Kit
Eric Olson
Instant Relief & Hope

I started running seriously when I was 27 years old. I've been very fortunate to have avoided injury for the most part. About a week after I completed my 1st Full Ironman I have had nagging arch pain that doesn't make it impossible for me to run but certainly doesn't lend any comfort while performing the activity. I've used my Sidekick pretty much daily since I received it and it has provided near instant relief from the soreness that I've unfortunately grown accustomed to over the past year. Very pleased with my purchase thus far!

Echo Muscle Scraper
Gerleen Dineros
Amazing therapy tool!

I didn’t know much about muscle scraping until a girl at my CrossFit gym said that it really helped with her plantar fasciitis. After doing some research and reading the reviews of this product, I decided to make the investment. This purchase has really helped loosen up tight muscles in my calves and feet, which has been an ongoing issue I’ve struggled with on days I have ultimate frisbee practice. Can’t recommend enough!

Love this!!

I’ve been using this tool the last few weeks after my longer runs & I’ve noticed a big difference! Towards the end of the week, I would normally have some cramps or tightness in my calves at the beginning of the run, but since using this, I haven’t

Great design! This is much easier to use than a foam roller.