From the mountains we conquer, to the lakes we swim across and the trails we run: the world is our playground. As a company that sells its products around this earth, our choices have an impact. For every body that we heal, we also hope to do just a little bit more for the planet.

In 2020, we commit to becoming a carbon neutral company.

To kick off, we began working along side Canadian waste and recycling leaders. As our new recycled packaging program rolls out over the next year, we have committed to evaluating each component of our business until our only impact is stronger, healthier athletes with an equally healthy planet to support their goals.

What does it mean to be carbon neutral certified?

A Climate Neutral state is achieved when the emissions caused by our company have been offset by the same amount we've emitted into the environment. We accomplish this by first measuring our carbon footprint, and purchasing verified carbon credits to offset the emissions. In addition, each year, we actively commit to new projects to reduce our carbon emissions within our own walls, through the products we develop and distribute.

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