In our pursuit of helping athletes reach their goals, we have had our own in mind. Just like the big dreams you openly chase, we wanted to share ours with you.

Sidekick One Million is our initiative to help 1 million athletes reach their potential. And when we reach our goal, Sidekick is also committed to donating $1 million to support the growth of aspiring athletes by that time.

To celebrate not just reaching the finish line but the milestones along the way, for every 100,000 athletes we help we are donating $100,000 to athletic causes through our Free To Move Fund.

Chasing dreams. Together.



20% of sales from our Free to Move shirts are also added to this fund so we can help even more aspiring athletes who may not have the opportunity or freedom to move without the support of our partnered programs. Click here to grab yours and show your support today.

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