Why Buy from Sidekick?

Thousands of customers have trusted us in the past. Here's why.

1. Sidekick University.

Access over 40+ Digital Classes for free.

We’re not here to just sell you a tool. Our goal is to transform your life.

That’s why we created Sidekick University – a place to help you become the athlete you’ve always wanted to be. Inside University, you’ll find over 40 videos designed to help you recover and improve your mobility. Specifically, you'll get free and lifetime access to Guided Classes and Instructional How-To videos.

A. Guided Classes

Access a plethora of classes aimed at helping you get the muscle recovery you need.

Got tight hips? We have classes for you. Knots in your shoulders? These classes are what you need.

Each class lasts about 15 minutes and begins with using our tools to loosen the muscles, followed by stretches to open your body up further.

B. How-To Videos

Led by a licensed Chiropractor, these How-to videos demonstrate how to use our products on every part of the body. These videos are quick and concise, designed to get you going within minutes.

Don’t be left guessing how to use our products properly. Get maximum use out of our products from these videos.


The best athletes in the world dedicate their lives to their sport. Tears and sacrifices are made in their journey to the top, and therefore we take our jobs seriously to ensure that we deliver the highest quality products to them.

Used by Olympians, World Champions and Top Crossfit Athletes

From idea conception, to prototype to manufacturing, we take no shortcuts. That’s why we carefully inspect each item before it gets sent out to the customer. Our products are FDA registered and meet Health Canada Guidelines.

3. 100% Money back Guarantee.

30 Days, No Questions Asked.

If you're not completely satisfied, we want to make it right! Simply contact us here and we’ll process a refund for you right away. No questions asked!


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