Recovery for Large Muscles

The Bow is our two-handed scraper designed for large muscle groups. It features a double edged, stainless steel arc that glides smoothly along your body.

Having two handles makes it easier to manipulate the tool around your body and provides greater leverage

Big Tool, Big Recovery.

Our largest tool ever built, the Bow is 19” (48cm) long allowing you to work across larger surface areas with each stroke.

The arc shape of the Bow wraps nicely around the bigger muscles of your body as it glides along your skin.

This stainless steel tool is perfect for big muscle groups such as the hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, hips, latissimus dorsi and more.

The Best Two-Handed Scraper Ever Built.

In designing the Bow, we were relentless in making sure it was ergonomic, functional and just the right weight. After over one year of design iterations and prototypes, we finally settled on what you see in the Bow today. We are confident that this is the best two-handed scraper ever built.

Exploring different handle designs to a) reduce the weight b) incorporate our unique textured grip c) develop the most comfortable tool, ever.


Designed with Comfort in Mind.

  • During our initial prototypes testing, we found that the weight of the handles was causing arm fatigue after long periods of use. For that reason, we hollowed out the handles to reduce the strain on your arms.
    The Bow is now weighted perfectly so that it applies ample pressure to your muscles, but light enough to not feel arm fatigue.
  • Our textured grip provides maximum comfort to your hands and fingers, as well as offering more control in manipulating the Bow.

Dual-Edge Design.

The Bow has been designed for use on both the top and bottom arc. The bottom arc has a rounder profile making it the perfect edge for large, broad, sweeing strokes. On the other hand, the top arc is sharper. This is ideal for honing in on tight, gritty areas with more scar tissue build up. We recommend starting your session with the bottom arc, and focusing in on areas that need it the most with the top (aka Seek and Destroy).

30 day Money Back Guarantee

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