Deep Muscle Recovery

The Flux is a powerful vibration therapy massage ball designed to enhance muscle recovery. Use it pre-workout to activate and warm up your muscles, or post-workout as a recovery tool.

Don’t let recovery get in the way in your quest towards greatness. Reinvigorate your muscles today.

Finally a Device That Works as Hard as You.

Smart work pays off. Whilst others are awkwardly rolling around on a lacrosse ball, you let the Flux do the work for you. Power on the device and rest while you recover for tomorrow. You’ve worked hard enough in training already, now let us take care of the rest.

The Flux utilizes Vibration Therapy which has been shown to reduce symptoms of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMs) after exercise.

Powerful Vibration Therapy

Whether your muscles need a gentle massage or a deep restoration session, the Flux has got you covered. Choose from 3 settings ranging from 2000-3600 RPM.

A fourth setting, the Pressure Wave, is a variable intensity mode allowing your muscles the ability to relax and recover at the same time.

Designed for Enhanced Muscle Relief

The Flux is designed with a comfortable silicone texture wrapped around a dense inner shell.

Each ball consists of over 150 APEX Trigger Points designed to seek and penetrate deep into your muscles for maximum relief.

Ready When You Need It Most

Lightweight and portable, this revolutionary device is TSA friendly and lasts over 2.5 hours on a single charge.

Charge the device in only 90 minutes and experience fresh, rejuvenated muscles.

1 year warranty

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