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FREE Extra Sleeve
Save 45%
Save 45%
FREE Extra Sleeve
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Save 45%
FREE Extra Sleeve
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Roll out your sore & tight muscles with powerful vibrations

$129 USD
$69.99 USD
Flare Vibration Roller
FREE Interchangeable Sleeve
Sale is live! Offer valid for limited time.
High-intensity vibration for faster muscle recovery
Dig deeper into larger, thick muscles with a FREE sleeve
3 powerful vibration settings
FAST & FREE USA Shipping
60-day money-back guarantee
If you don’t get any relief, you can return it within 60 days.
High-Power Vibration
Up to 5100 RPM
Customizable Settings
3 Vibration Powers
Interchangeable Sleeves
Flat/Spiky Textures
Rechargeable Battery
+2hrs Battery Life
The ultimate powerhouse for at-home muscle recovery 🚀
Even more powerful vibration for faster muscle relief and relaxation.
Get the benefits of a massage at home
Lay back and let the intense vibrations do the work.
Best value for money
2 types of rollers for the price of 1. Swap with the interchangeable higher-intensity sleeve for when you need to dig deeper.
Customizable vibration
Personalize your recovery experience with 3 speeds of high-intensity vibration.

Customer Reviews

Robert D. - Verified Buyer
Relief from daily stress
Simple. Easy. Effective.
Suzan G. - Verified Buyer
A worthwhile thing to try on my back
Laying back on a couch with the Flare beneath me it worked well to eventually alleviate a pain I've developed and which a LaCrosse ball pressure hasn't helped.
Qurban A. - Verified Buyer
Quality and service
It is an amazing product and it delivers very fast. It has such a unique design. All in all I am very satisfied after using flare vibration roller.
Powerful vibrating massage $129 USD  NOW $69.99 USD
Free Shipping
Free 60-day Returns
HSA/FSA Benefits