1. Working out leads to blocked vessels

When your muscles are working, they consume energy and output toxic metabolites. Think of it like a car engine, where it consumes fuel to transport the car, but outputs smoke in the process. The toxic metabolites prevent efficient blood flow in muscular vessels.

2. Sidekick scrapers break up blocked vessels

Frequently during scraping, you’ll notice bright red spots appear on your skin, known as petechiae. This is the breaking up of blocked vessels. You do not need to apply large amounts of pressure to get petechiae, and in fact, we don’t recommend scraping to the point of pain!

Note: not seeing petechiae is not an indication that it isn’t working either.

3. Your body builds more efficient vessels

Your body is an amazing machine, and the breaking up of old, stagnated blood vessels signals the body to create new, more efficient collateral vessels. These increase blood flow and thereby recovery.

At the same time, antioxidants and white blood cells come clean up toxic metabolites and dead cells.

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Plantar Fasciitis Relief

Midway through her hike on the West Coast Trail, Faith felt a sharp pain on the bottom of her foot, almost like she stepped on glass. She later found out it was Plantar Fasciitis after seeing a Doctor. Despite that, and visiting a Podiatrist, she was given little help and guidance other than to stop hiking. As an avid hiker, she couldn’t accept giving up an activity she loved so much. Thankfully she found Sidekick and is back doing the activities she loves most.

Triathlon Training Recovery

Tom, a passionate triathlete was looking for something to combat his soreness from all his training. He needed something that was portable and easy to use so he could recover anytime. While he was skeptical at first, once he tried the Sidekick, his recovery was never the same. “It was a game changer, and I’ve never been so thankful”. He loved it so much he even convinced his sport therapist to get one .