Curve Muscle Scraper
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Clinically-proven tool handmade with Bian stone

Curve Muscle Scraper

$59 CAD

Get personalized digital instructions when you select how you will use your Sidekick tool.

HSA/FSA Approved: Most insurance
companies will cover the cost of this tool entirely.


Pain relief: Clinically proven with 94% of injury sufferers experiencing pain relief after 3 days of using Sidekick.

Gentle on your body: Handmade from 100% natural Bian stone with a thicker edge for softer, feel-good pressure.

Easy to use: ergonomic design and comes with everything you need.

How It Helps

  • Muscle scraping has been shown to increase blood flow by 400% vs. other recovery tools. New blood flow carries oxygen & nutrients to the injury, accelerating your body’s healing ability.
  • Stimulates collagen regeneration of injured tissues, effectively treating soft tissue injuries such as plantar fasciitis.
  • Alleviates pain and tightness in minutes


How do I use it?

Muscle scraping is very simple and intuitive. After applying the emollient to your skin, use your Sidekick tool to apply pressure to the area that needs relief. Use a combination of long and short strokes, in any direction. Repeat on the surrounding muscles.

Does this really work?

Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) is a technique used by physical therapists and clinicians to treat injuries and accelerate the body’s natural healing process. Clinical studies with plantar fasciitis sufferers have shown that 94% of participants experienced pain relief after using Sidekick for 3 days. Read more about the science and clinical results here.

Is it painful?

No. As you are in control of the pressure, muscle scraping should not hurt. Due to Sidekick’s weight and edge, even minimal pressure will provide results.


How much is shipping to the USA?

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Free 60-Day Returns
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Make chronic pain a thing of the past with the use of Sidekick's Curve muscle scraper. Whether it's chronic neck pain, plantar fasciitis or any nagging muscle pain, this tool works wonders. In as little as 3 minutes, you can enjoy deep, long-lasting muscle relief without the hassle and cost of seeing a professional.

Our groundbreaking tool delivers steady relief to your problem areas, increasing blood flow and recovery. Constructed with a unique 6-curvature design, you can effectively target your neck, back, legs, and any muscle in between.

Hand-made and constructed with 100% Bian Stone, this tool has a soft and organic feel on your skin. The edge is rounded for those who are more sensitive to pressure (if you prefer a more aggressive tool, check out the Swerve or Echo).

Each order includes our Pump Gel, an all-natural, organic, and skin-friendly formulation that lubricates the skin while using the tool. Your order also includes a protector case and cleansing towel.



  • Relieves muscle pain and tension
  • Effective for both large and small muscles
  • Includes lubricating Pump Gel
  • Handmade with 100% Bian Stone


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    US Customers

    Q: How much does shipping cost?
    A: Shipping is FREE to all locations in the USA. Expedited shipping is available for a small additional fee which will be displayed upon checkout.

    Q: Do you ship to PO Boxes or Military APO/FPO addresses?
    A: Yes, we ship to both PO boxes and Military APO/FPO addresses.

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        Q: How long will it be before I receive my order?
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        HSA/FSA Approved HSA/FSA Approved

        Most insurance companies will cover the cost of this tool entirely.

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        Real people, real results

        3 reasons to try Sidekick

        Clinically-proven effectiveness

        Clinically-proven effectiveness

        94% of injury sufferers felt relief after 3 days of using their Sidekick.

        Trusted by physical therapists & athletes

        Trusted by physical therapists & athletes

        100% of users reported that they wish used Sidekick earlier.

        Pain relief anytime, anywhere

        Pain relief anytime, anywhere

        97% of customers reported how easy it is to use their Sidekick tool.

        How to use

        1. Apply skin-protecting emollient

        2. Start with gentle strokes on your injured area

        3. Massage around the surrounding muscles as needed

        The science behind Sidekick

        Increases blood flow more effectively than other tools

        Sidekick increases blood flow by up to 400% more than other recovery tools. More blood flow = faster healing.

        Stimulates collagen repair in soft tissue injuries

        Scraping creates temporary inflammation, kickstarting your body's collagen repair process and bringing all that healthy tissue back.

        Interrupts pain signals to the brain

        94% of plantar fasciitis sufferers experienced pain relief after 3 days. Read the full study here.

        Why clinicians & athletes love Sidekick

        Dr. Mecca Fayad


        The tool very quickly & effectively helps break up that muscle soreness and muscle tightness. I find it quite useful for older injuries like ankle sprains, Achilles tears or bicep tears.

        Molly Seidel

        Olympic Marathoner

        Every runner should be scraping. It is an essential technique for being able to keep your body healthy, work through soreness, and keep yourself running optimally.

        Sara Hall

        Professional Marathoner

        It's probably the best investment you can make in your running or your sport. It's like the cost of 1-2 massage therapy sessions, but it's something you can do for your whole life.

        We didn’t invent muscle scraping. We elevated it.

        100% Bian Stone

        Our softest scraper, handmade with Bian stone. Gentle on the muscles.

        Rounded edge

        Sidekick is loved for its perfectly balanced edge, engineered to grab onto your muscle fibers without pain or damage.

        Shaped for your body

        Conforms to any part of the body, making it the most versatile tool in your recovery kit.

        Heavier weight

        Feel the noticeable weight upgrade compared to plastic or jade tools. The added weight makes it a breeze for you to use and enjoy the benefits.

        Not sure which tool is right for you?

        Scroll right >>

        Use Case


        Anti-Fatigue Grip


        Designed For

        Edge Intensity

        Full body

        17.5 cm

        Bian Stone

        Gentle, soft pressure

        Full body

        17.5 cm

        Stainless Steel

        Durability and affordability

        Full body

        20 cm

        Medical-Grade Stainless Steel

        A premium tool to last a lifetime

        Predominantly lower body

        Ideal for:

        • Hips
        • Legs
        • Feet
        • Elbows

        14 cm

        Stainless Steel

        More control with a handle grip

        Large muscle groups

        Ideal for:

        • Quads
        • Hamstrings
        • Calves
        • Hips
        • Back

        48 cm

        Stainless Steel

        Treating big muscles

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 537 reviews
        Joshua Stromgren
        My new favorite shin/achilles relief tool

        This has been a game changer for my legs (below my knees).
        i've been using this daily since i got it and just feel so much less tight at the beginning of a run in my achilles and shin area.

        it has a bit of a learning curve but i really like it so far. it also helps that the customer service team is amazing/responsive

        Hannah McGrath

        Gave it as a birthday gift and got great feedback on how convenient and helpful it is!

        Fantastic for plantar fasciitis relief

        I’m being using the scraper twice a day religiously to relieve my plantar fasciitis pain. It works wonders! I’m still have pain in both feet but the scraper helps with the pain tremendously. I hope to get rid of the plantar fasciitis after more that 2 years of agony

        Zara Chaudary
        Such a lifesaver!

        Just started using this and it’s such a smart tool to help prevent future injuries, as well as work out some of my current injuries. Simple to use but very effective!

        Just what I needed

        I tore my calf a few months back and have been going to PT. Scraping before exercise with this tool has really helped me get back to activity! Just the right weight and shape to be very effective with just a few minutes.