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Why most treatments for plantar fasciitis don't work and how you can truly become pain-free

“When I started using it, I was so surprised about the relief I got. I felt relieved right away the next morning.”
Posted by: Jennifer Smith, Senior Editor
June 30, 2023 - Los Angeles, CA

Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis?

Then you're not alone.

Over 2 million Americans also complain of foot pain that feels like you're just walking over Lego bricks.

Faced with the ever-increasing pain, you look for a solution, which usually boils down to this:

  • Icing
  • Shoes and insoles
  • Cortisone injections
  • Surgery

The problem:

These methods do relieve pain, but only briefly, and often, the pain returns worse than before.

Shoes and insoles reduce your pain while walking and standing at work or in sports.

But what happens when you take the shoes off?

The burning pain comes back and usually double than before.

There it is again: pain as if someone has hit your feet with a hammer.

In sheer desperation, you ask a doctor to give you cortisone injections for the unbearable pain.

Within minutes, the pain subsides, and you have tears of joy on your face.

For the next few days, you jump out of bed, and instead of needles on the floor, it feels like walking on clouds.

Everything is fine, but after five or six weeks, it's back: unbearable pain.

Are you now stuck with regular cortisone injections to relieve pain that keeps coming back?

Your last resort: surgery has to be the solution. But is it?

Setting aside the long 6 to 12-week recovery period, more than 50% of patients continue to experience pain.

And in over 40% of cases, studies find a recurrence of plantar fasciitis.

So, is there no solution to treat plantar fasciitis in the long run?

Yes, there is; fortunately, there really is.

Treating plantar fasciitis pain as a symptom is not enough.

Although the name includes "-itis," which suggests inflammation, studies have proved that plantar fasciitis is actually a degenerative problem.

The collagen fibers in your plantar fascia have broken down due to chronic overuse.

Because of this, treatments such as orthotics and injections are usually unsuccessful because they only treat the symptom.

Injured collagen fibers
Healthy collagen fibers

To treat plantar fasciitis, you need to address the root cause with a method that supports collagen regeneration.

Fortunately, we have found a non-invasive treatment...

It speeds up the healing process and provides immediate relief for people with plantar fasciitis.

An ancient healing technique commonly known as Muscle Scraping

Muscle scraping is a physiotherapy technique that has been around for centuries.

It involves the use of a smooth-edged tool to apply pressure on the muscles in order to:

  • Stimulate new blood flow
  • New blood flow is rich with nutrients & oxygen that help support collagen repair. Read more.
  • Block pain signals to the brain, providing fast relief. Read more.

By increasing localized blood flow into the plantar fascia...

You will kick off your body's natural healing process and accelerate collagen regeneration in your foot.

In a recent clinical study, 93% of people reported a reduction in their plantar fascia pain after only 3 days of using their Sidekick Muscle Scraper*.

Nicole has suffered from foot pain her whole life.

She describes the pain in the morning, like her foot is about to pop because there's so much build-up on her heel.

"When I started using it, I was so surprised about the relief I got. I felt relieved right away the next morning. My foot felt flatter the next morning, and I felt like I had more stability. There was remarkably less pain."

✔  Easy to use

✔  Provides instant relief

✔  Treats the root cause of your pain

✔  Unique edge designed to support injury repair

Cathy has tried other non-invasive products to alleviate the pain but found them difficult to use and ineffective.

"Using [Sidekick] is a lot more user-friendly than using a ball, especially on the calf. I like it more on my foot too. With the lacrosse ball, I don't feel like it's as effective. I can get deeper with the tool than with the lacrosse ball."


Sidekick's Muscle Scrapers have been featured in many publications including:

"Best At-Home Massager"
“Better than massage for reaching certain body parts.”
“Effective: The treatment edge felt gentle enough that we weren’t afraid to really dig in.”

Sidekick's Muscle Scraper: At-Home Remedy For Plantar Fasciitis

If you don’t get any relief, you can return it within 30 days. No questions asked. Full refund.

Sidekick are so confident in the quality of their Curve Muscle Scraper that they offer a 100% risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Less than 1% of their customers ever take them up on this guarantee.

Approved & Recommended By Clinicians

Over 1,000 Five-Star Reviews

Michele S.
It really gets in there!
I have been using Sidekick on my feet. I have recurrent foot pain from collapsed arches, and nothing gets in there to break up the adhesions in the arch... until I brought the Curve home! I have been scraping my arch every night and my feet feel amazing. I can focus in on the specific connective tissue elements that are affected, and it feels amazing.
Kimberly D.
Great product!
I bought the curve scraper for my plantar fasciitis. Really helped the tissue break up. Use on other places now too.
Timothy S.
Game changer
Marathon season is here, long hard training runs always cause problems for my calves. This tool has helped me keep in peak shape so I can complete all my training with best effort! In the past I've had heel pain so bad I had to get shots in my foot! This year when the pain started to sit in I purchased this to help release my fascia. Saved me a lot of pain from having to get more injections! AWESOME!

How To Use For Plantar Fasciitis

3 steps, 5 minutes a day. Physio-level treatment at home.

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