Clinical Study

A Home-Based Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

The Study

To determine the effectiveness of a home-based treatment protocol using the Sidekick tool for plantar fasciitis pain relief.

The Sample

  • 18 participants (16 female, 2 male)
  • Diagnosed with plantar fasciitis
  • Pain lasting 4 weeks to > 6 months


5 days of plantar fascia and calf muscle scraping, twice a day for 5 minutes

The Results

Participants were asked to rate their pain on a scale of 0-10 before and after using Sidekick for 5 days.

Morning Pain


Evening Pain


Returned to their sport after using Sidekick for 5 days


Experienced pain relief after using Sidekick for 3 days


Reported they will continue using Sidekick to manage pain

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Participant Responses

“Plantar fasciitis has given me a lot of pain and it’s a daily struggle ... so even just from day one, it looks like a really simple tool, but it was really effective.”
“[Sidekick] has been a really good addition to our daily routine. It felt really great using it. I feel like I can get deeper with the tool than with a lacrosse ball.”
“This is really well made, very durable. Even the edge as well, they’ve done a bit more in-depth research into making that edge a bit more smooth but useful.”
“I was so surprised the relief that I got just by rubbing it on the muscle. Now I have a weapon against the pain.”

The Sidekick tool used in the study

Swerve Muscle Scraper

$100 CAD

Clinically-proven plantar fasciitis relief tool made from skin-safe stainless steel.