Your new weapon against knee pain. Feel instant relief.

Eclipse Muscle Scraper

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  • Fast relief: ease pain and discomfort within minutes
  • 100% of users reported wish they used Sidekick earlier
  • 94% experienced pain relief after 3 days of use
  • 83% were able to return to their activity quickly

If Eclipse doesn’t give you relief, you can return it for a full refund within 60 days. No questions asked.

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Most insurance companies will cover the cost of this tool entirely.

Real people, real results

In a clinical study with people suffering from plantar fasciitis, Sidekick evaluated the effect of muscle scraping on pain relief. Statistically significant results included:

94% experienced pain relief after 3 days of use

94% experienced pain relief after 3 days of use

83% were able to return to their activity

83% were able to return to their activity

Join over 100,000 people who found
pain relief with Sidekick

Join over 100,000 people who found
 pain relief with Sidekick

I was skeptical at first because it seemed too simple. I’ve only used it a couple of times on my knee and I noticed relief a few days after. When I ran I didn’t have the runner’s knee pain I’d been experiencing for weeks! Definitely recommend!

– K. E., Verified Buyer

United States

Even though I have only had it for the a couple weeks, it has helped with my knee pain. I have even caught my wife stealing it from me. It really helps me with my recovery.

– Ryan G., Verified Buyer

United States

It works. Its not another gadget you just buy and it lays around without being used. I use it everyday. My regeneration is much much better. And my knee pains during training is almost gone. Love you guys.

– Guenes G., Verified Buyer

United States

I used it right after I opened it from the box. I have pain on the side of my knee.. the pain went away after few hours. I used it also on my neck, and felt some tingling afterwards but was gone after few minutes.

– Annelie P., Verified Buyer

United States

This tool has helped tremendously with my ongoing knee pain. Squatting without pain again! Awesome customer service!! I had a few questions and they were answered quickly. Also the shipping was quick! 100% recommend the tool and the company as a whole!!!

– Ryan G., Verified Buyer

United States

Treat knee pain at the source

Meet your personal PT. The Eclipse muscle scraper is one of the fastest and most effective ways to treat knee pain.

Instant Pain Relief
Feel the difference in minutes.
Incredible Durability
Heavy-duty, premium stainless steel.
Unmatched Comfort
More control, less hand fatigue.

What makes the Eclipse the best for knee pain?

The Eclipse
Massage Gun
Targets deep muscle adhesions
Long-term, lasting relief
Quick pain relief
Treats the root cause

How to use the Eclipse for knee pain

The hefty weight and balanced feel of the Eclipse make it easy to access the front and back of the legs and work on big muscle groups at one time.


Apply skin-protecting emollient included with purchase.


Gently scrape quad muscles along the top and outside of the thigh.


Scrape the inner thigh muscles and hamstrings.

Why clinicians & athletes love Sidekick

"The tool very quickly & effectively helps break up that muscle soreness and muscle tightness. I find it quite useful for older injuries like ankle sprains, Achilles tears or bicep tears."

Dr. Mecca Fayad

Clinic Director

"Every runner should be scraping. It is an essential technique for being able to keep your body healthy, work through soreness, and keep yourself running optimally."

Molly Seidel

Olympic Marathoner

"It's probably the best investment you can make in your running or your sport. It's like the cost of 1-2 massage therapy sessions, but it's something you can do for your whole life."

Sara Hall

Professional Marathoner