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Elite level recovery from your living room!

Easy and Safe to Use!

Based on ancient Chinese techniques, backed by clinical studies, and re-designed for the modern athlete. Experience true muscle relief when you add a Sidekick muscle scraper to your recovery toolkit.

  • 1. Apply lubricating balm on skin (included free with purchase).
  • 2. Using the beveled edges of the muscle scraper, apply moderate pressure while gliding along the skin. This does not hurt!
  • 3. Enjoy your relaxed and loosened muscles after only a few minutes!

Adhesions are built up from muscle overuse or injuries, Sidekick muscle scrapers release them, relieving muscle pain, increasing blood flow, and loosening your muscles.

Clinically Proven Technique

Sidekick scrapers are based on the technique known as Gua Sha, a 2000-year-old Eastern medicine practice. By applying our tool against your skin, it releases adhesions underneath that cause pain and impingement.

A clinical trial conducted by the University Duisburg-Essen, Germany, showed a 26% overall decrease in pain 7 days after applying the technique. Other clinical trials conducted demonstrate a range of positive benefits, including anti-inflammatory effects and increased blood flow.

Athletes all over the world use Sidekick tools to move better & recover faster.
Will you be left behind?

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We believe everyone deserves a healthy body, so we have priced our tools affordably for everyone.

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Sidekick University

Over 40+ Education Videos

All Sidekick customers get free lifetime access to Sidekick University, a virtual library of helpful information to help you optimize your mobility and recovery.

Learn tips and techniques on how to scrape with Chiropractor and PT led how-to videos. Then take it further with a class from our mobility series. All from the comfort of your home, gym, or office.

Designed For Athletes By Athletes

Sidekick total body muscle scrapers feature 6 unique curves and dual beveled edges. Perfect for targeting your shoulders, calves, quads, and back, and every muscle in between.

Total Body Muscle Relief

Total Body Muscle Relief


Unlike our Total Body line, our Specialized Scrapers are designed to target specific areas of the body.

Perfect for your hamstrings, quads, calves, hips, lats, and more.
Made to the highest quality standards, the Sidekick Bow is made of Stainless steel and is unbreakable.
Ergonomically designed, the Bow features custom textured grips designed to reduce strain, increase leverage and enhance control when scraping.
The Bow is made from polished, non-porous stainless steel to prevent bacteria build up, making it ideal for sharing, using with your clients, or having in your gym.
Use the rounder inside edge to seek out and locate adhesions, then destroy them by applying the sharper outside edge of the Bow.
Our Oasis muscle warming roller gel is formulated using 100% All Natural ingredients.

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With the Eclipse Muscle Scraper, you can apply as much (or as little) pressure as you need
Made to the highest quality standards, the Eclipse is made from stainless steel, and is unbreakable.
The handle design of the Eclipse reduces hand fatigue while improving your ability to control leverage and direct force where you need it most.
Non-porous stainless steel prevents bacteria build up, making it ideal for use with your clients, having at your gym, or sharing with your swolemate.
Use the dual edge design of the Eclipse to seek and destroy adhesions in your muscles.
Our Oasis muscle warming roller gel is formulated using 100% All Natural ingredients.

starting at $115

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