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Our story

It was another good day of training. Good energy, good progress. It wasn’t until I came back the next day and picked up a barbell, did I feel a strain in my shoulders.

A proactive athlete would have had it checked out and rehabilitated by a professional. I however, was a poor athlete with no money and no healthcare benefits, so that wasn’t an option. For several months I put off going, hoping that my body would heal itself as it had always done in the past – but I was wrong.

When I finally made it to the Chiropractor, he must’ve known I was on a budget because he introduced me to Gua Sha – an ancient Chinese technique that has been around for over 20 centuries. He told me it was something I could use at home so I didn’t have to come see him as often. I was surprised – firstly because of how helpful he was, and secondly, at how immediate and effective the results were.

The tools he gave me were not without flaws though, but the engineer in me saw the solutions.

I went home, drew up a design, and had my first prototype made. A new business emerged, and I was eager to share it with the world.

Founder and President, Sidekick
CrossFit Coach and Olympic Weightlifting Nationals Athlete

Our mission

Our mission is to provide people with the physical tools and knowledge to relieve minor muscle pain anytime, anywhere.

As dedicated athletes and health enthusiasts, we believe that you ought to be able to perform basic maintenance on yourself. We would love to help you stay free of pain.